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  • Working with Keiko is a bliss! She adds colours to lives by being herself – her open, playful, non-judgmental and curious characters allowed our relationship built trust instantly. The three words I would use to describe my coaching experience with her are: effective, interesting and easy! I am refreshed every time I talked to her. She is a natural listener! Her special talent in reframing what she hears not only helped me to crystalise my situation, but more importantly helped me to find innovative ideas about doing things differently. I strongly recommend her to anyone who would like to have an effective partner to support long lasting results whilst enjoying the process.

    Catherine Eidens Personal and Executive Coach
  • Keiko manages to create a safe environment which helped me open up and move forward. I gained more self awareness, more confidence, and a clearer view on what I should do next. I also discovered my own passion for coaching. She is fun, professional and efficient!!

    S.T coach, artist
  • ZI worked with Keiko on the design of a Global Leadership program which we went on to co-deliver over a period of two months. Keiko is a passionate and highly motivated leader and coach who has a bold and clear vision of what she wants to achieve for herself and Japan. What makes Keiko so great to work with is her ability to strike a balance between being fun to be around and highly professional and focussed.

    Rob Russell Head Coach of Coach Tokyo
  • This amazing woman… an international lacrosse player, mother extraordinaire, life coach, and doing it all with a smile that can light up a city!

    Rachael Holtzberg Lacrosse team mate